Wheel Information

Why Some Wheels With The Same Bolt Pattern Do Not Fit

Sep 17, '23

While it might seem that wheels with the same bolt pattern should fit different cars, there are several factors beyond just the bolt pattern that can affect whether a wheel is compatible with a specific vehicle.

Finding the Correct Size Tire When Upsizing Wheels

Sep 1, '23

When you change the size of your wheels, it's crucial to select the correct size tires to ensure proper fitment and maintain the overall performance and safety of your vehicle. 

Wheel Offset Explained

Aug 25, '23

Wheel offset is a critical measurement that determines how far the wheel's mounting surface (the surface that contacts the hub of the car) is from the wheel's centerline. It plays a significant role in the wheel's position within the wheel well and can impact a vehicle's handling, aesthetics, and fitment.